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July 18, 2015
End Mills

Industrial End Mills | America’s Best End Mills

OSG|Ingersoll|Keo|MA Ford|Monster|Imco|Micro 100| ToolMartXpress offers an extensive line of end mills for almost any application. Available in different configurations, sizes and features, ToolMartXpress end mill offering ranges […]
July 18, 2015
Industrial Abrasives

Industrial Abrasives – America’s Best Industrial Abrasives

Norton|CGW Camel|Carborumdum|Surf-Pro| ToolMartXpress​ offers a complete line of abrasive tools including abrasive wheels, abrasive belts and more for every deburring, grinding, polishing and finishing application. Our wide […]
December 27, 2014

Discover JET Elite – Metalworking Lathes, Mills, and Saws

JET Elite – Metalworking Machinery – LIVING UP TO THE STRICTEST EXPECTATIONS. JET’s engineering team started from the ground up and meticulously went part by part […]
November 10, 2014


EXOTAP® A-Tap® The EXOTAP® A-Tap® is an all-purpose tap series designed to simplify tool management and to excel in a wide variety of materials and applications. […]